Finding the right grantmaking foundation

As the Association of Liechtenstein Grantmaking Foundations, the VLGST is a membership organization and not a grantmaking organization. Accordingly, applications cannot be submitted to the VLGST. Also, the VLGST cannot establish a network to its member foundations. Here you will find tips on how to find a donation.


Applications must be submitted directly to our member foundations.
Members of the VLGST

Here you can find more fundraising tips

Fundraiso: brings together all charitable foundations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in a daily updated search index. In particular, the platform enables an efficient way of working when searching for funding in the foundation sector.


StiftungSchweiz: StiftungSchweiz is an online platform which, in addition to a foundation directory, offers a matching system for funders, donors and project sponsors.


Writing Good Proposals (in German): Every two years, the Center for Philanthropy Studies at the University of Basel organizes day-long seminars on dealing with institutional funders in collaboration with the SKM study program Cultural Management. The topic-specific seminars provide background knowledge for the proper and efficient writing of applications to public and private funding agencies.


Guide for Applicants (in German): The publication Foundations. Guide for Applicants (3rd edition) by Dr. Elisa Bortoluzzi Dubach systematically introduces the world of foundations. The reader learns what foundations are, how they work, and what framework conditions need to be considered when seeking to attract foundations as funders or project partners.