Partnership-based grantmaking processes

"Less is more" is a toolbox for modern grantmaking foundations to enable efficient, fair, and partnership-based grantmaking processes. It is a joint initiative of foundations and organizations from Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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Maximum impact through minimum bureaucracy

The relationship between foundations and grantees should be based on trust, communication, and partnership. This requires transparency on both sides and a balance between trust and control. With practical examples, the guide offers assistance on the following questions:

Grant applications: How foundations can make the application process fair. ​​​​​​
The grant application is the first contact between a foundation and its future funding partner. This step shapes the further collaboration and should be designed with care.

Reports: How foundations can use reports constructively.
The guiding questions here should be: what is important, why, and for whom?

Flexible Funding

Project ties: How foundations can fund flexibly. Project funding vs. unrestricted funding and the numerous possibilities in between for how funding relationships can be structured.

Grant agreements: How Foundations can arrange grants in a straightforward manner.
Legal relationships should be entered into according to the guideline of regulating as much es necessary, but as concisely as possible.

Funding with more than money: How foundations can strengthen the resilience of their partners.
Access to networks, referrals to training and consulting services, and advocacy for a common cause can effectively support monetary funding.

What you can do

Weniger ist mehr

less is more

All important information about the toolbox can be found on the website

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Impulse stiften

Impulse Stiften

Less is more emerged from the webtalk #ImpulseStiften. A webtalk for the foundation world that picks up on trends, initiates debates and provides practical tools for foundation work every fortnight.

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Social Reporting Standard (SRS)

Social Reporting Standard (SRS)

The Social Reporting Standard (SRS), which systematically records all relevant organisational data, key financial figures and impact documents, serves as an aid for reporting. With the help of the SRS, a comprehensive picture of the reporting organisation is created.